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CORA COHEN: Recent Paintings

September - October 29, 2004

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 30, 5 - 7 pm

A brochure and an essay by Barry Schwabsky accompany this exhibition.

Jason McCoy and Stephen Cadwalader are pleased to present recent paintings of Cora Cohen. This exhibition marks the collaborative efforts of the gallery and the artist that span ten years.

In her recent paintings, Cohen, who has worked in New York City for almost thirty years and is credited for being one of the most innovative contemporary Abstractionists, continues her multifaceted exploration of the genre. Employing a wide range of processes and media, including oil, raw pigment, acrylic, pastel, enamel, and graphite, Cohen succeeds in establishing a sophisticated visual language with an extraordinary sense of poetic dynamism.

Drawn from the organic while incorporating thoughtful editorial handling, Cohen’s paintings range from densely layered compositions with interwoven detail to bold expressions that speak simply through the force of immediate release. Due to the artist’s firm belief in intuition and improvisational freedom, each work develops as interplay between allowance, chaos, and control. Whereas concrete shapes suddenly dissolve into formlessness, color functions as a unifying factor. Combining deep-sea-blues with grittily textured urban-asphalt-grays, acid greens, neon pinks, or subdued browns, Cohen’s unpredictable palette never fails to push each work into the ambiguity of being both seductively harmonious and deeply unsettling. In addition, Cohen’s drawing activity provides a sense of intentionality, connoting human consciousness, and by extension, painting, art, and culture. Mysterious, and utterly atmospheric, works like Strange Fruit or The Periphery require to be observed deliberately and with a meditative calm that runs counter to the speed and logic of contemporary electronic media.

From 1995 to 1997, Cohen lived and worked in Cologne, Germany. In 1996, a detailed survey entitled Cora Cohen: paintings and altered x rays 1983-1996 traveled throughout the United States. A catalogue to the exhibition, with texts by Sidra Stich and Barry Schwabsky, was published. Cohen’s extensive teaching, most recently at Rutgers-Newark, has reinforced her openness as an artist and her practice. Cora Cohen lives and works in New York City.

For visuals and biographical information, please contact Stephen Cadwalader at 212 319 1996 or jmccoy@mindspring.com

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