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September 15 – October 22, 2005

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 15, 5 - 7 pm

Jason McCoy Gallery is proud to present “Debating Drawing” an exhibition of recent works on paper by George Negroponte.

For the past two years, Negroponte has largely focused on the creation of casual, unrehearsed drawings, which not unlike puzzle pieces, are finally assembled to more complex structures. Whereas the first stage of this artistic process allows Negroponte to engage in the immediacy of expressive mark-making, sparked by the unconscious freedom that guides the artist’s hand, the final step requires the rigorous commitment to decisions based on the contemplation of formal and aesthetic concerns.

In this context, two or three sheets, dominated by quick and seemingly unrelated gestures of color and brushwork, are brought together, creating a jolt where they meet. It is in these at times overt and sometimes almost seamless intersections, that a footprint of the path that led them towards a cohesive and radiant union prevails. What penetrates the visual surface and manifests are distinct moods that characterize each work.

When addressing his fascination with this medium, Negroponte explains:

“The ever simpler and blunter work I’m presenting here probably results from the unavoidable self-criticism inherent in middle age. Primacy counts more than anything right now. I want to get down to the barest essence: discarding the object for a trace or glimpse of it residing in the weight of each mark or shape. Hands on, hands off – it is a workmanlike approach to an existential problem.”

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