“It seems Frederick Kiesler was obsessed by horses from his earliest childhood to the last years of his life. He never rode a horse and did not especially like them nor did horses like him.

He told me his father, Julius, arranged for six-year-old Frederick to draw the Spanish Riding School horses in their stalls in Vienna. He did mention he sat on a low stool and looked up at the belly of the horses. There was no explanation for this made by him and no expressed reaction. In 1954, he suddenly designed the Horse Galaxy.

The last two years of his life he designed Bucephalus (1964), an environmental horse construction. Using wire mesh covered with cement, he created a horse belly that was an Endless House, and he flung legs, head, tail into space. The obsession is mysterious. But how to explain our loves?”

-Lillian Kiesler, October 1998